Tips & Hints for Rational Client Support

In order to get support from IBM Rational Client Support, you need a valid support agreement. To verify your entitlement of support, IBM is using the ICN (IBM Customer Number). The ICN is always required when logging a support request. You can get your company’s ICN from the person who is registered as the primary contact at IBM of your Passport Advantage agreement.

Overview of IBM Rational Client Support:

Support requests are called PMRs (Problem Management Records)

  • When opening a new support request, a PMR number will be provided
  • Always state this PMR number in further communications with IBM Rational Support
  • Requests which contain multiple issues will be split into individual PMRs

Product defects are tracked using APARs (Authorized Problem Analysis Reports)

  • If a product defect is identified, an APAR number will be provided
  • The numbers of the fixed APARs are listed in the release notes of updates and upgrades 

How to contact Rational support?

  1. Web Portal: Electronic Service Request (SR) 
    -Web based registration and follow-up of PMRs and APARs
    -To get access to SR, please contact the person at your company who is registered as Primary Site Technical Contact (PSTC), or self-nominate online

  2. Customer Support e-mail 
    Please provide ICN and the product you need support of in the "Topic"-line.

  3. Call IBM Support
    Denmark: +45-7010-5150
    Finland: +358 8001-4260
    Norway:+47 815 21 550
    Sweden: +46-771-171040


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