Professional Services

Proof of Concept

The effort of evaluating new processes and technologies can be both time consuming and costly. Therefore we will support you through the full evaluation phase.

We often start with building the awareness and skills of the users, define processes, install and configure tools. From this we will assist you in developing the criterias on which you can base your investment decisions.


We will help you develop the implementation and maximize the benefit of the solutions we have provided. One way of doing this is through the use of experienced mentors that regularly help you follow up and assess the results of new processes or tools.

Most customers we assist with tools integration and configuration within their current development environment. Often advanced trainings and customized workshops can facilitate the deployment of tools and processes.

Service agreements

We offer extended service agreements through wich we host and develop the solutions that we have provided. Such agreements can include scheduled services on-site or times when we shall be available. They can also specify competences that shall be accessable so that you can maximize the benefit from your investment in solutions from Nohau.


Our specialities are system development and test/validation. We are also available for shorter assignments within these domains.

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