Nohau delivers measurable improvements in your development process!

Our ambition is to help your organization reduce the cost of your development projects. There is (usually) no magic involved in this work, but a straightforward chase for bottle-necks and issues that can be simplified or automated.

You probably do not have the development process as your main business objective. Hence, it can be convenient to have a partner that can meet you in an unprejudiced discussion, and then come up with proposals for improvements.

We do not stop there. We will assist your team in taking on new skills, processes, methods and technologies, and we make sure that together we will make it a profitable investment for you.

Solution areas we focus on

  • Embedded Design & Development
  • Software Quality & Test
  • Functional Safety
Contact at Nohau

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Mikael Johnsson

phone: +46 (0) 40 59 22 01
mobile: +46 (0) 708 15 22 75
phone: +47 (0) 92 44 22 09 (no)

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