Sysgo PikeOS

Operating system for functional safety

PikeOS is a real-time operating system and virtualization platform providing full separation in both time and space for multiple software applications running on different criticality levels.

PikeOS lets you combine a safety critical application(ISO26262, IEC 61508, 62304 etc) with e.g. Linux. Either on one CPU or in a multicore solution. We can help you certify your product up to SIL 4 for one of the standards.


Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS): PikeOS provides three security levels according to the requirements of the MILS standard. [More info]

Today, you will find pikeOS  in many safety critical systems within avionics, train control, med tech, industrial control and automotive.


Contact at Nohau

Mikael Johnsson (SE, NO)

phone: +46 40 59 22 01

Leevi Lehtinen (FI)

phone: +358 40 546 1469

Flemming Jensen (DK)

phone: +45 44 52 16 60
mobile: +45 24 21 16 60

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