Visure Requirements

Visure Requirements is a state-of-the-art Requirements Engineering (RE) tool specifically designed to provide support to the complete Requirements Engineering process.

Requirements Lifecycle Management

Visure Requirements is the ideal answer for companies looking for a single solution to define and implement their requirements processes.

Viauew Requirements is excellent solution flexible enough to fit in a wide range of companies with basic and complex RM&E needs. User will have a totally integrated solution, through easy to use, proven functionalities. Visure Requirements supports.

Visure Reqiurements is Requirements Engineering oriented (vs. Requirements Management only). The complete specification cycle is supported via standard models: 

  • Requirements Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Capture
  • System Specification building
  • Specifications validation (specification vs. requirements)
  •  Acceptance Tests management
  • Requirements Organization & Classification
  • Requirements reusability through Product Families and Variants. 
  • Provides a powerful set of modelling capabilities.



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