Wurldtech Device Manufacturers

Protect Your Customers, Your Profitability & Your Brand

Whether you develop control systems, smart meters or wearable medical devices, Wurldtech protects your products and customers from the threat of cyber attack. Wurldtech's device security assessments and development practice reviews identify device weaknesses and vulnerabilities, so that they can be addressed early in the product development lifecycle, and provide mitigation recommendations to help prevent the exploitation of devices in the field.

9 of the world’s top 10 automation providers use Wurldtech’s comprehensive suite of security products and services to demonstrate to their customers that cyber security is a critical element of their feature set.


With Wurldtech you will:

  • Develop products with more robust protection against cyber attack 
  • Increase the reliability, integrity, availability, confidentiality and safety of your products 
  • Protect your products against new vulnerabilities without the need for patching
  • Gain competitive advantage with Achilles Certification
  • Proactively manage your business instead of reacting to attacks



Contact at Nohau

Mikael Johnsson (SE, NO)

phone: +46 40 59 22 01

Leevi Lehtinen (FI)

phone: +358 40 546 1469

Flemming Jensen (DK)

phone: +45 44 52 16 60
mobile: +45 24 21 16 60

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