TASKING development tools are used by the world's largest automotive manufacturers to program microcontroller based powertrain, body control and safety related applications. More than ten thousand users rely on the TASKING compilers and debuggers to create next-generation applications while achieving optimum reliability, security, and performance.

You benefit from the Tasking when  …

  • You are working with microcontroller architectures like ARM Cortex-M, (multi-core) TriCore, XE166, XC2000, DSP563xx/DSP567xx, ColdFire, 8051 and many more.
  • You want to use market leading OSEK/RTOS solutions that are ported with TASKING
  • You are in the automotive industry dealing with MISRA guidelines.
  • You are looking for a tool that meet the rigorous demands of a mission-critical application as well as provide C++.
  • You are looking for multiplatform support (Windows, Linux, Solaris)

Features – What does Tasking do?

  • Highly respected IDE based on industry standard Eclipse, with tight integration of the toolset through TASKING customized plug-ins
    • Debugger interface utilizes the Eclipse front-end 
  •  Compiler support for CPU functional problems, ensuring reliable code 
    • Generates bypass code to work around chip defects
    • Issues warnings for assembly code
  • Embedded C++ compiler support that
    • reduces code size
    • increases run-time efficiency 
    • simplifies programming 
  • CERT C and MISRA C code checking analysis integrated in the compiler
  • New generation linker/locator that support complex multicore targets, including the new Multi-core TriCore generation

Benefits – Why would I use Tasking?

  • Increased control of C++ constructs
  • Proven in use and fit for purpose qualifications, earned during many years of develop-ment of a wide variety of applications, including related to safety (ABS, airbags)
  • To meet stringent design standards for example based on MISRA C or CERT C, sys-tems of strict code checking that helps prevent the use of error-prone C constructs. 
  • Reduce code size and execution time
  • Easy support of various hardware configurations. Pre-configured board support for many standard off-the-shelf evaluation boards.
  • Using an Eclipse based IDE greatly simplifies switching toolsets from target to target. The TASKING developed toolset plug-ins make the Eclipse IDE smooth in its operation and reduces the learning curve for new developers




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Video - Vx toolset for ARM




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