Static Code Analysis

Testing can be an expensive and never-ending process. Are there easier ways to make sure I deliver high quality functional and stable code?

Yes, using technology that check your source code before check-in, will ensure that you deliver code that:

  • is structurally correct, i.e. without memory leaks, security weakness, etc
  • complies with your company coding standards e.g. MISRA, CWE, CERT or OWASP
  • does not introduce unwanted dependencies
  • complies with accepted licensing standards, e.g. GPL, PRQA, CodeSonar® and PC-Lint

Nohau help you get solutions for Static Code Analysis in place that can save you months of testing and re-work efforts.


"It is impossible to do a true control test in software development,
but I feel the success that we have had with code analysis has been
clear enough that I will say plainly it is irresponsible to not use it."

John Carmack, creator of Doom, Quake etc, about the use of static
code analysis


Service #11 

Code Health Check                        

Together we screen your source code to identify defects, security leaks, code that need refactoring and code that does not match your coding standards.

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