Change and Configuration Management Tool – manage, track, deliver

  • A single source of truth for all your software assets
  • Bring enterprise-class agility to your development teams
  • Borland Connect integrates multiple tools, platforms and processes

How can StarTeam help?

StarTeam provides a single source of change management for teams, tools and processes – regardless of whether your teams are co-located or geographically distributed. StarTeam can be integrated into the current environment and immediately deliver a connected view of the SDLC assets from other tools. This enables a full range of capabilities across all integrated assets.

Stakeholders leverage StarTeam’s complete versioning, baselining and reporting of all their assets to gain visibility over the changes that define each deliverable.

Developers access a consolidated activity view so that they can collaborate, review and deliver their changes to the customer quickly.

The whole team can achieve the necessary visibility and connectivity of their entire software lifecycle to confidently deliver what the customer wants - every time.





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