Agile Development

We probably don’t have to tell you what agile development is all about, but do you know that Nohau provides worldclass solutions that can support your agile projects?

Agile development is a flexible method for coooperation and growth when it comes to software development. Agile development is in many cases a «hard-to-beat» method when it comes to producing high quality software – faster and more cost effective.

Agile development methods focus on flexibility, continous testing and fast delivery of functionality.

Service #15

Training : Lean and agile for managers

Lean principles, Agile development, Scrum, XP, Testdriven development – these are just some of the buzzwords in software business these days.

Developers and testers often have a rather clear view of what this means for them. But in the busy position as a manager, resource owner or economically responsible it can be hard to stay updated.

To help you retain the initiative, Nohau offers a special course called "Lean for managers" which will help you understand what Lean principles and tools can do for you.


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