Architectural Analysis

Is your software architecture eroding?

We work with the technology of Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM). This means that your system architecture can be clearly visualized and, hence, easily improve. This way of getting a grip on the architecture is clearly superior to any other method we have seen.

With DSMs, not only can you visualize dependencies in code or in data bases, they also help you automatically sort out the patterns you are looking for. Compared to traditional ways of visualizing dependencies with boxes and arrows, DSMs help you understand systems with thousands of dependencies in a very short time.




Contact at Nohau

Mikael Johnsson (SE, NO)

phone: +46 40 59 22 01 (SE)
phone: +47 (0) 92 44 22 09 (NO)

Leevi Lehtinen (FI)

phone: +358 40 546 1469

Flemming Jensen (DK)

phone: +45 44 52 16 60
mobile: +45 24 21 16 60

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