Focal Point

Effectiv Product Management needs to be agile. Focal Point™ provides comprehensive decision support that can help executives and teams to be agile and to make the right investment decisions in order to ensure business, customer and market value.

You need Focal Point when …

  • Your product management process needs to be more agile.
  • You are looking for decision support to facilitate prioritization and selection of re-quirements.
  • Your product or project investments are not based on objective information; decisions are made by ‘the loudest voice in the room’
  • You experience difficulties in identifying and valueing product opportunities and to invest in products that meet customer or market demands. No visibility to how products meet market/customer needs
  • You tend to underestimate the capacity to execute a project, resulting in products ar-riving late to market that miss the window of opportunity
  • You experience rapid portfolio growth coupled with the inability to manage scope and features
  • Your innovative ideas arrive too late to market resulting in missed revenue opportuni-ties.
  • You wish to allocate limited budgets wisely to support most value initiatives
  • You find it difficult to determine if or when a project should be terminated to pursue new, more valuable opportunities

Features – What does Focal Point do?

  • Competitive and win/loss analysis – understand the strengths and weaknesses of com-peting products within the context of wins & losses, alongside other competitive intel-ligence.
  • Requirements management -  Capture and communicate enhancement requests, product ideas, market needs, technical needs for product development
  • Value-based selection– select the requirements most valued by the market capable of returning value to your business for product development.
  • Release planning – Focus product releases on key capabilities within the constraints of resource availability
  • Product roadmap planning
  • Assessment of product request against business priorities, and road mapping.

Benefits – Why would I use Focal Point? 

  • Reduce risk and improve cost estimations of investments by modeling financial and market impacts and by performing scenario, statistical and financial analysis
  • Reduce costs of implementations by utilizing pre-defined configurations based on best practices
  • Integrate enterprise architecture plans and project execution into portfolio management to ensure enterprise and project-level decisions are aligned with financial and market needs
  • Bridge the gap between the business and engineering by centralizing information that is key to decision-making, status reporting and portfolio reviews
  • Overcome the influence of the loudest voice in the room and use objective information to support decision making.
  • Centralize and collaborate on information to escape the chaos of managing data in emails, documents, and spreadsheets, speeding the ability to respond to changing mar-ket and business conditions


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